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08 April 2015 @ 10:49 am
Because I just remembered I haven't put my Tokyo Ghoul stuff on here.
Also, is it just me or is the Friends page kind of wacky? There are no posts past the first page o___o

I so love the family dynamic of the Quinx Squad. Haise the parent figure, Urie the rebellious child, Shirazu the (not very reliable but big-hearted) big brother, Mutsuki the mild-mannered good child, and Saiko the spoiled little sister. I have to admit, my affections lie more on the Tokyo Ghoul:Re side than the original Tokyo Ghoul. Not to say that the Anteiku ghouls aren't Kaneki's family too, but while their story was a bittersweet one, there's a certain cheeriness to the Quinx due to Haise's personality, an aspect which I get to enjoy-

*turns off light*

Cuz this is thrilleeeeeeer

Because Ishida-sensei never showed us the scene where Haise cleans out Saiko's ears! I think it's super adorable the way she calls him "maman" XDD

Haise deserves all the love he can get on Valentine's Day. I'm inclined to think that, despite the humans' general hostility towards the poor little half-ghoul, secret admirers are hiding in every corner of the organisation. Haise has the skills, the achievements, the looks, and the manner - someone's GOTTA admire him XD

Influenced by the Paris Fashion Week post-hype, I decided to have a go at fashion AU-ing the oh so catwalk Urie. Look at his waif-like figure, Dior Homme and Saint Laurent would so dig that.
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22 March 2015 @ 12:53 pm
Welp, I've been neglecting my journal :((( I should at least crosspost from Tumblr or Wordpress regularly.

I semi-revived my VFQ AU because Zoolander's epic appearance at Paris Fashion Week inspired me to do something fashion-y again XD. This could be the beginning of a Fall issue...? Only time (the availability of it) and opportunity will tell.

(Agent Provocateur is my favourite lingerie brand, don't get me wrong XD)
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02 October 2014 @ 09:59 pm

Someone on Tumblr wanted to see how I'd draw Nekoma boys in suits so I presented her the only Nekoma members I remembered. Kuroo has an awesome hairstyle and Kenma doesn't like being drawn by me.

Tsukishima immediately became my favourite just because he was tall and an asshole XD

I think Karasuno's crow motif is really cool, don't you? Tobio is laugh-out-loud hilarious while being tsuntsun, he's quite a novel character.

September saw the birthdays of two of my favourite tall boys, how could I miss it? Initially, Tsukki was about to plop a piece of cake into his mouth but there were so many like-minded birthday art posts so I... Well, make of this scene what you will.
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27 August 2014 @ 01:43 pm
I've... been on a Free!-drawing frenzy. I hadn't felt such fangirling urge for so long (I thought it died with KHR lol) I had to draw every night or I might combust.

Not LJ-cutting because how many people are still on LJ these days anyway? XDD

I get a kick out of Haru and Sousuke's height difference. Since Haru seems to annoy Sou something fierce, this kind of action isn't unlikely.

Makoto is the swimming club captain so he should look more buchou-esque.

I can't believe this cottoncandyhead is named KISUMI. You are too much, author of High Speed ahahaha

I gave up waiting on Sousuke to get his own official Arabian Nights-inspired outfit, so I designed my own.
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27 July 2014 @ 08:37 pm
A long time ago, honeycorrupts and I messed around with a Code Geass AU idea in which Lelouch is female. Only a few years later did I learn that this kind of AU is called "genderbend" and that fandom knows her as "Luluko", a name that is as light-hearted as it is unlikely XD. Some people call her Leloucia, others prefer it as is (seeing how "Lelouch" isn't exactly a gender-specific name), but I personally just call her "Lulu". Who knows, maybe Shirley is on to something there.

Anyway, Kura (does she still have her LJ?) saw my bride Chrome post and, having just posted a series of bride Lelouch drawings herself, asked me how I would draw my own version of bride Lelouch. I told her I had already turned that idea into a drawing but it was on paper and I’d lost it long ago. I was willing to redraw it… as long as she didn’t mind a genderbent Lelouch XDD

She didn’t mind so here I am.

I truly believe that male Lelouch has extravagant tastes to the point of being impractical (how much of this is influenced by gag doujins, I’m not sure). This “the grander the better” mindset, coupled with the royalty factor AND the Britannian fashion sense being what it is… I can expect female Lelouch (let’s call her Lulu for now) to show up on her wedding day looking like she has the wrong address to a Venetian masquerade. But. Just this once, allow me to further fanon-ise this already-pretty-damn-fanon wedding theme by injecting a lot of what I personally want to see on bride Lulu into her dress design.

My design is only 10% influenced by CLAMP – check out the wing motifs – so it’s not reeeeally a Code Geass-y sight, but that’s not my aim. Anyway, since she’s a princess of a highly stylised empire, I figured she’d be more runway show bride and less real-life bride, hence the bold butterfly-like silhouette with the tiered organza cape. The cape is held in place by a wing-shaped necklace and you can bet there’s a precious stone set between the wings, maybe ruby.

Her chantilly lace gloves begin just below the shoulders to compensate for the decollete bodice XD. The figure-hugging dress tapers slightly at the knee and flares out into a train at the bottom. The dress’s top half is covered in intricate beadwork (not shown optimally in sketch) spreading out in a gradation towards the bottom half. Needless to say, that whole thing is pretty darn heavy and I daresay quite a job to fold up. It would’ve been completely backless if not for the flimsy beaded motif across the small of the back. I’m not sure if her heels are platformed, but her stature’s not exactly… in want, so I guess they’re 10cm heels at most.

Her hair is put up in a simple braided updo with the veil attached to her tiara. There’s a headdress hugging the nape of her neck and coming up in two pairs of wings on either side of her head. Her cascade bouquet consists of white roses with a row of white lilies spilling down the center. Overall, everything is white white white which should look pretty decent against her black hair and purple eyes.

I expect nothing less than a super long veil on a princess. The whole length can’t fit inside this frame.

Of course, what’s a Britannian royal without their Knight of Honour? He also has to look presentable on the big day. Represent his charge the best he can as an Honoured Eleven, you know. He’d be standing within sight of her throughout every process.

Knee-high boots, various achievement medals, a decorative sword strapped to his side (because the real thing, as you’ve seen in the anime, is ginormous).



What’s that, Kura? He looks like he COULD be the groom? Naw man, if he’s the groom he’d be dressed like a royal and in my head he’d be more like…

Hmm, I kind of like his knight outfit better… I’m sure CLAMP would make Prince Consort Suzaku dress 100x less boring XD


One art request outta the way! Cross-posted to my Tumblr and Wordpress blog.
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05 May 2014 @ 10:15 am
Loosely based on ekmisao's simple yet endearing Days In Venice because I loved it so much and, with things I love, I just can't help but draw it. It's easy to write him as this ultra-smooth, superhuman, ultimate seme which is what fandom mostly does because that is all that canon shows. Reborn has always had a special spot in my fangirl heart for exactly the above reasons but now that I've seen his potential to be more than that by way of EK's writing... I think I now prefer an insecure Reborn so much more.



He stopped behind a woman with cropped raven hair. She hid one of the symbols of her family: a long strand of hair in a stream through her back. She had tied it up and kept it in her felt cap.
“Scusi, signorina. I was just informed.” He tipped his fedora.
She turned to face him. Her eyes grew wide. She placed a hand over her gaping mouth. Then she took a deep breath, composed herself, and smiled warmly. She stepped forward and wrapped her arms around his waist, her head resting over his shoulder. “I’m so glad it’s you.”


“Luce, if you please, Renato.”
“Why ‘Renato’, though?” he finally mustered enough nerve to ask.
“Because to me you are reborn,” she answered.

(Excerpts from Days In Venice)

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08 March 2014 @ 10:26 pm
I'd normally post my quick drawings on en_syn but does anyone watch that comm at all lately? ;;; Some of these aren't new new but I had to wait until I'd amassed enough for a dump post.

4 quickies inside!Collapse )
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05 March 2014 @ 10:17 am
"But it's already March, Rune". Yeahhh but anyway!

If the above images look familiar to you, it's because I merely fixed parts that I thought required.... upgrading since they've shown their age and all. Minor revisions on the first two, major facelift on the third one lol. I don't normally pull old art back onto the workstation but, in the third one's case, I desperately needed to fix it or I'd be lying awake that night ;;;
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25 February 2014 @ 10:41 am

I'm on a roll whooo~~~ It's like I'm making up for the 3-4 years of almost no fandom activities. If Juvia looks a bit more mature than she should, that's because I cast Automatic +5 Years on just about everyone I fanart, unfailingly! XDD why did you not take advantage of the TWO timeskip opportunities you got, Mashimaaaa

I decided to draw Juvia right after wrapping up my 300-chapter marathon. As for why she ended up being my favourite mage, I can safely blame it on the water element factor. I... may have a weakness for things related to rain and/or the colour blue: Umi was my favourite Magic Knight, Soldier Blue remains one of my favourite tragic heroes, I still wish I had Sailor Neptune's personal life XD, Yamamoto was my first ever pick for a favourite Guardian even though my pref eventually shifted but... eh cloud isn't too far off.
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14 February 2014 @ 01:00 am

I wanted to draw these two in 50s style so hopefully that explains the 180 hairstyle change? XD I find that Chrome doesn't look so bad with shorter, wavier hair but I wonder what people think of a Hibari with slicked back bangs?

The background was originally in colour and a pretty vibrant palette at that, but I settled on this version after deciding I kind of liked it better minimalistic.

Happy Valentine's Day anyway XDD Been a while since I last drew 1896.
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